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Premium Wallcoveringsmold texturing for wallcoverings


Since 1996, Lehrmitt Design Studios has been bringing you quality wall coverings for commercial and residential spaces. Our wall covering design principles are fashioned around aesthetic, function, durability and versatility. In other words, we’re experts at illuminating spaces with people-pleasing design that works.


In-mold texturingmold texturing for consumer products

Mold Texturing

By using high-tech, digital solutions, Surface Skins allows you to create elegant surface design, adding a whole new dimension to your products. We have over 100 decorative, in-mold textures in our catalog for you to choose from. Enhance your products with an artist’s touch, so people can experience your brand in a more tactile—and personal—way.


Chocolate Surface Design

Chocolate Surface Design

We use 3D printing technology to make chocolate candy unlike any other on the market. With our new chocolate surface design application, chocolate makers are crafting molds that capture the artist’s original vision. Try it! This intricate, artisan design technique will help you set your brand apart, too.