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Source One: Exclusive

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We’re artists, designers and manufacturers, and for almost two decades we have been delivering high-quality, sophisticated wallcoverings that grace the walls of hundreds of commercial and residential spaces. We use cutting-edge technologies to design wallcoverings that create the essence of a room, whether it’s a tropical feel to a downtown café or a royal touch in the grand ballroom of a five-star hotel.

Our design collection, One Source Exclusive, is available solely through the Wallcovering Source Group, comprised of distributors TRI-KES, D.L. Couch and Eykon.

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We’re All About Design

And We Know You Are, Too.

Our wallcovering design principles are fashioned around aesthetic, function, durability and versatility. We also get pretty excited about exploring new ways to deploy leading-edge technologies throughout the design process.

With some of our clients, we journey with them all the way through the creation of the brand, packaging and promotion. For example, The Wallcovering Source Group, a collaboration of three regional distributors, hired us to help them create a whole new brand of commercial wallcovering from the ground up. The Source One brand has now been on the market for over a decade—and is still going strong.


mold textures in red

Developing the brand

We also design promotional tools. We’re real proud of the Source One Cradle™, an attractive, functional sample container and the funky, utilitarian Twistbox™ for LANARK, also used to carry samples in.

more mold textures sample boxes

Wallcoverings and 3D printing

Exploring 3D printing technology

Our journey with 3D printing began the same way a lot of innovation begins—with frustration.  We were sending our wallcovering designs to embossing roller manufacturers, and we weren’t getting back what we had asked for. Sometimes, the changes were subtle. But at other times, we felt the whole design had been compromised.

Our embossing rollers are manufactured all over the world. We thought it would be a good idea to switch to a universal language to describe what we were looking for. Everybody knows the language of art and form.

By using 3D printing technology, we’ve been able to display our wallcovering designs in a tactile way. We figured out how to convert our 2D designs into 3D files and print them out in a way that maintains the integrity of our designs.

Now that we are providing our suppliers and clients with actual samples of how we intend our designs to look, we have a touchstone to match with our final production must match to.

We never stop thinking about better ways to communicate our ideas.

mold textures in other materials

Our original artwork with our 3D printed prototype on top.

mold textures that didn't work

Unsatisfactory prototypes from embossing roller manufacturers.


alaina chambers working on mold textures

If you have an idea and need design help or manufacturing bandwidth to make it happen, contact us. We’d be happy to
put our talent to work for you.

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Wallcovering Designs

Premium wallcovering designs

To keep the Source One collection up-to-date with fresh new looks, we continually add sophisticated, trendy and fun wallcovering designs to our line. To view all of our products visit: www.sourceonewallcovering.com

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  • Source One Splendor
  • Source One Sequins
  • Source One Tabular
  • Source One Rock n’ Croc