Mold Textures: Make Your Products say ‘Touch Me.’

mold texturesAt Lehrmitt Design Studios, we use 3D printing technology to design tactile, textured surfaces that bring an artist’s finishing touch to consumer products. Dubbed Surface Skins™, product designers and manufacturers can use our service to add mold textures to almost any consumer product mold.

Currently, the options for applying mold textures to products molds are limited. Manufacturers typically invest in a few ‘stock’ designs (brushed, pebbled, etc.) and use the same limited number of designs on the entire product line.

That’s why we’re pretty excited about Surface Skins.

Surface Skins: Mold Textures Made Easy

This game-changing technology enables you to create any number of mold textures so you can delight your customers in new ways. Think lizard skin, linen weave, wood grain or geometric shapes. We have a library of over 100 Surface Skins to choose from.

mold textures

Create innovative designs with mold textures

It’s a pretty neat concept. Using our 2D to 3D software conversion methodology, we take a PSD, PNG or JPEG file, convert it to a CAD file and ‘wrap’ the surface texture around your product.

We then send it to the printer to print out a 3D prototype. And when the client is happy, we use the file to create the mold textures.

For an overview of how Surface Skins works, take a look at our video:

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