Mold textures : lipstick tube

Use Surface Skins™ to create as many product mold textures as you wish. Offer your customers more choices, create ‘buzz’ around your brand and make your products stand out in a crowd.


Product Surface Skins and Mold Textures

Tactile, textured product surfaces on consumer products

Our new-to-the-market embossed surface design technique, Surface Skins, will change how you think about surface design and mold texturing on consumer products. Developed by Lehrmitt Design Studios, experts in manufacturing and design since 1996, Surface Skins opens up a wide variety of options for product developers who want to add decorative mold textures to multiple products.

Three ways to create textured product surfaces on your product:


Design Your Own

Create your own 2D textured product surfaces, convert them to 3D using our File Conversion Service and print.


Let Us Design For You

Let us develop custom-designed textured product surfaces for you. We will create a design for you that smoothly converts into a seamless and beautiful textured surface design.


Choose From Our Library

Want the quickest, easiest and most budget-friendly way? Choose from our library of over 100 Skins. We think there are quite a few in there that you might like. Simply pick, print and evaluate.

mold textures : drinking cup

Custom Mold Textures

Tactile, textured product surfaces that make your products stand out.

Perhaps you know exactly what you want.

In that case, you can create your own 2D textured product surfaces using Photoshop or Illustrator. Convert it to a 3D file using our File Conversion Service and print.

Or, you can let us develop custom-designed textured product surfaces for you. We pride ourselves on creating designs that smoothly convert into seamless surface textures that will delight your customers.

Once you’ve chosen your design, you can use the 3D printed prototype to evaluate how the textured surface will look on your product.

From design to prototyping and making the mold, you can quickly and cost-effectively create artisan mold textures that will set your products apart.

How Custom Skin Design Works

Easy steps to creating tactile, textured product surfaces


Create your design using Photoshop, Illustrator or any program that generates a PSD, JPEG or PNG file. Or make it easy on yourself and let us create it for you. If you don’t have design expertise on your staff, don’t worry. That’s where our expertise comes in. We guarantee you’ll love our surface texture designs.


Using our File Conversion Service, your 2D file will be converted into a tile-able 3D textured surface design that wraps snuggly around your product. (Check out our video if you want to see how it works. It’s pretty amazing.)


Print on an appropriate 3D printer.


Evaluate the prototype for marketability. Using our file, add mold textures to your production-ready mold.


mold textures sunglasses bow

At Lehrmitt Design Studios, we have mastered the art of creating attractive tactile, textured product surfaces that translate into clean, continuous mold textures. We can help you translate 2D-created files into production-ready tactile, textured product surfaces that meet with your high standards of design.

Don’t want to design your own? Check out our Library of Surface Skins. Choosing from our Skins will save you time and money.